Get the Tools to Transform Your Body
Comprehensive 1-Day Get Fit Seminar - $97

LA Convention Center - Saturday, February 2, 2013

Take control, build confidence, relieve stress, & become unstoppable!

  • Add years to your life based on the latest science and research
  • See how to ignite your metabolism at any age with 5 key techniques
  • Learn to have fun exercising by doing workouts for any fitness levels
  • Get hundreds of get fit tactics that will help you stay skinny for life
  • Change your life with a realistic, personalized get fit plan and goals
Clear Your Mind of Can't

Did you know that, on average, you make over 200 decisions about food each day? And that there are only 5 things you need to know to ignite your metabolism? It's true! Learn how to use the latest strategies to get that lean body you've always wanted.

Most people think that they have to go on an extreme diet or run 10 miles a day to lose weight. Not only is this wrong, but it will set you up for failure. At this action-packed seminar, we bust these myths and show you how to get fit - without extremes.

Nutrition and Exercise

We'll cover everything you need to know about nutrition and exercise. We'll create a comprehensive, personalized plan together.

Become Unstoppable

Your mindset determines whether you succeed or fail. Much of the seminar is dedicated to making you unstoppable!

Three Workouts

Designed for people of any fitness level, we'll go through three distinct workouts. You'll learn how to work out from anywhere, any time.

Cutting Edge Science

Based on cutting edge science, learn how to unlock your metabolism and ignite your fat burning machine that will burn calories all day long.

Awesome Bonuses

The first 50 people to sign up will also get a free book of 250 home exercises and a nutrition/exercise journal to track your progress.

100% Guarantee

If you're not completely blown away, turn in your materials and I'll instantly refund your money and pay for your gas to get to the event!

The seminar is run by Matt Richter-Sand, an expert in health and fitness. He's the founder and CEO of NX, and a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Matt is passionate about helping others see that anything is possible in life, and for him that starts with fitness.